Visitors Center



As a first time visitor to our church, we want to welcome you warmly.  If there is anything that you need, you can approach the ushers, the pastor, or any member of the congregation.  The church parking lot is behind the building, by the rose garden, and the main entrance is through the stained glass doors.  If you are coming to worship on Sunday, we invite you to stay for food and fellowship following the service. Please remember to sign the guest book by the door before you leave!




Holy Communion

Holy Communion is a sacred meal in which Christ comes to us in the bread and wine. This means we believe in the real presence of Christ when we receive these gifts of grace.  As we hear the words “given for you” and “shed for you” we acknowledge the forgiveness of sin.  All who believe this to be true are welcome to receive.




Children at Church

Children of all ages are welcome in our services!  On the way into the church sanctuary, you can pick up an activity bag for your children to use during the service.  Since faith formation is really important to us, we  offer Children’s Church twice a month during worship. This is a time for the young people of our congregation to hear the word of God specifically designed for them.  There is also a nursery area, changing station, and live monitor of the service, if you need to step out of  church to attend to your child.